More than just a connection

When you hear textile, what comes to mind first? Most likely clothing. Technical textiles show impressively that this is not the only area of application for textiles. Even today, this extensive market segment yields innovations, either as complete new developments or through exciting new combinations of existing technologies from various specialty areas.

We are also strong in the areas crochet, raschel and weaving technology.

We already supply various ribbons for the areas Buildtech, Clothtech, Geotech, Hometech, Indutech, Medtech, Protech and Sporttech. We will be happy to show you examples for your area in a personal meeting. Ribbons, which change your product by integrating an additional benefit into a smart system, are part of the segment “Technical textiles” in our company.

We want to provide solutions for additional areas of applications and are looking forward to you contacting us (Contact Us) to choose a suitable product with you or to develop it for you.

Our product portfolio

Our technical product portfolio already includes several hundred articles for various scenarios of use. Browsing through our complete product range will give you an insight into our areas of competence. Let yourself be inspired with new ideas.

Maybe we already have a product that meets your requirements. Ask us about it! We are happy to advise you and provide you with technical data sheets with samples. We will find the most suitable product for you or develop it.

Our Development Service

You are looking for a special product, which does not exist in the market in this form, or you want to implement your own ideas with Moll’s know-how? Get to know our Development Service or approach our Product Management directly! We are looking forward to support you in the realization of new products.