4 steps from the first idea to your product

  1. Your challenge to us: You describe an area of application, we advise you competently and extensively and we finally define the requirement to your desired product together. The most important aspects are here the material, the weight category, the thickness, the width, the binding, the elasticity, the color, the finishing, the amount and the price.
  2. We suggest one of our products to you or we develop an individual product for you.
  3. Regardless of the way you choose: We guarantee that your product is produced 100 % in Germany according to your requirements.
  4. After production, dyeing and finishing a final inspection is performed according to our high quality standards and the products are packaged according to your wishes. The articles can be delivered as continuous material in a box, on rolls or as cuttings

Our special customer service

Are you looking for an alternative supplier for a product? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the best product for your area of application. To simplify this process, we offer you the opportunity to send as a sample for analysis, which should have a minimum length of 200 mm. We will analyze your product and suggest a product from our portfolio to you. If we do not have a suitable quality, we can produce your desired product in a short time period depending on the required efforts and the utilization of our machines.

Another special feature:

We produce samples directly on special production machines to exclude the risk of scaling effects as much as possible and to be able to supply a product according to your expectations from the get-go. Naturally, we treat any customer-specific development confidential and if required also enter into a confidentiality agreement with you. Please contact Product Management directly for this purpose.